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Right Choices, Long-Term Yield



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Your guests check into your hotel. They book into a room. One of the many things they will lay eyes on is the general view of the room.


Your hotel room may be basic and meant for business people. It can be homely, meant for family holidays. Your hotel rooms can be extravagant, for party-goers and such. Or, it can be laid-back, meant for an elderly holiday spot.


Either way, have you ever think about how certain elements can be a (major) turnoff for your guests? And probably garnered some kind of complaint from them?


Or have you ever stayed in a hotel room where you feel supremely awkward?


If you answer yes to the aforementioned questions, here are ways you can change your hotel room for the better.


Avoid using patterned linens


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Just don’t. Please. Patterned linens may be ok for your personal bedroom because it’s your own bedroom!


Patterned linens just simply don’t fit into hotel rooms. It makes guests feel really uncomfortable as it is tacky. It’s flat and so happens to be synthetic too. Don’t be like that.


Image via Pixabay

Guests don’t like their rooms looking like it’s stepped out of some B-list movie. They want their hotel rooms to look and feel like quality.


Your hotel profiles and websites should be full of room images. Bed linens are one of the first few things travellers see. Leverage this to impress them.


If you feel you do not have the budget to buy new linens en masse, swap out patterned linens for solid colour ones. You do not necessarily have to opt for white. Choose neutral tones, which works as good.


White is practical for cleaning purposes and works to brighten up a room, and makes it feel more spacious.


Even if you want to make your hotel room look more spacious, why not install mirrors to make it look bigger? Or incorporate ceiling length windows for that “touristy feel”. Plus points if the hotel room is facing the seaside for glorious views. Not forgetting to mention, it brings better air circulation and sunlight into the room too.


Bold Wallpapers


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Incorporate bold wallpapers into your hotel room. White walls are so corporate and bland, it makes the dead die twice.


Want to stay in trend and not lose out? Back in 2018, we see tropical wallpaper gracing walls. In 2019, we will see many more wallpaper updates, ranging from Moroccan Style to Granny Florals you can see a great many classic styles returning.



Wallpapers are relatively an easy update in your hotel room. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the easiest updates you can ever do in your room.


With quick research on modern wallpaper trends, it is no big surprise it is still going strong in 2019. Fill the walls of your hotel rooms with elegant patterns, bring happiness and cosiness to the room.


With a bit of change easily reflects the huge atmosphere in your hotel rooms.


Statement furniture


Spice up your hotel rooms by including statement furniture in your rooms. Hotel guests love a hotel room that has something exciting and aesthetically pleasing in their rooms.


Image via Pixabay

You can incorporate something chic like integrating furniture made of sustainable furniture. As our society is increasingly becoming more environmentally aware, do expect to see furniture made of sustainable material everywhere.


Image via Pixabay

Throw in a couple of colourful accessories to make a statement. The recommended soft spot would be 90% neutrals and 10% colour. Include colourful pillows, rugs, paintings, statues, and whatnot. Stick with the latest furniture trends to have a boho twist.


Image via Pixabay

Do you know what else you can incorporate to have an item of more exciting statement furniture? A piece of furniture with the recently popular vivid tones. Pastels and neutral colours will need to take a backseat for a while. Put minimalism in the backseat for a while too, and opt for excessively bright and bolder statement pieces in the room.


Have a brighter room


If you don’t mind splurging, try to opt for flamboyant lightings. Include chandeliers in each room.


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Sometimes it’s not practical to install chandeliers in each and every room, as it looks bulky.


For a brighter room, try having ceiling-length windows. That way you can save more on electricity generated from hotel rooms.


Image via Pixabay

On a side note, do you know to have sufficient natural lights helps lighten feelings of depression? It also helps heal the mind, body, and soul. It helps regulate your body’s processes and promote sleep. It even increases cognitive performances such as reaction time and activation.


That’s right. Get your guests some of that Vitamin D!


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Just leave the curtains open. Keeping the curtains parted to make the room look bigger.


Find a quality mattress for your guest rooms


Although changing mattresses can cost you a bomb as a hotel, it’s worth looking into it. Take into consideration how having the wrong quality of mattress may be a turn-off for your guests.


Image via Pixabay

Mattress too cheap will contribute to guests’ bad sleeping experiences, which is a major turnoff and bad PR. If the mattress is too expensive, it can blow a hole in your accounts.


Given that quality mattresses can be expensive, try to consider several areas before committing to buying new mattresses to all your rooms.


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Consider the mattress’s firmness. Hard mattresses allow for better blood circulation and enable a neutral spine position. That means it promoted better overall health for a person’s body.


Soft mattresses, on the other hand, have the potential to reduce backaches. It’s a better option for people who sleep on their sides.


Some kinds of mattresses get warm over the course of the night, which some individuals find uncomfortable to sleep in. Mattresses made of memory foams tend to go that way. This is something you cannot test in the store but do let the mattress salespeople what you are looking for in a mattress.


Mattress brands matter too. Most people would prefer buying from well-established brands due to the perceived quality and durability. Just because a mattress is expensive means it’s the better option. No, it isn’t. The final goal for you is to have a better investment for your hotel rooms.


There is no definite answer to which kind of mattress is better. Just be sure the mattress you are investing in for your hotel room isn’t a cheap one that contributes to bad resting experience in your guesthouse.


Room layout


If budget is an issue for your hotel, why not re-arrange the furniture to make it look more modern, cleaner, and whatnot?


Most hotels use “dated room layouts and concepts”. If you wish your hotel rooms to look different, go ahead. No harm in being different, as long as it doesn’t put anyone in harm’s way.


An affordable way to have your rooms stand out is by changing the flow of the room layout. It makes the rooms appear more inviting and unique, something guests are definitely looking for.


Move sofas and chairs around so they are not all against one wall. Provide suite-like looks by placing chairs and desks against the windows. Contrast any signature furniture pieces innovate and play with the cheapest tricks to make your guests’ rooms look more modern.


Feature walls


If it isn’t too much of a budget strain, have a piece of a feature wall in your hotel rooms. Extravagant as it is, go ahead and have a feature wall in your hotel rooms.


Surprise your guests. Stand out from other hotels. Get featured in top lifestyle magazines if you get the chance.


With a bit of investment in your hotel rooms and happy guests can bring you a long way. Think of the long term profits you will be raking in, in the future. All you have to do is to make the right decisions.






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